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7:14-- -SD-peacefulfury: lol James :D
18:56-- Thetaxman: ok thank you :)
18:34-- -SDr-MxJames: keyboard that is, not cup of tea lol
18:33-- -SDr-MxJames: spilt a cup of tea in my keyboard..... will get another monday
14:21-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Thetaxman your account is activated you can login now.
13:18-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: The frog is younger than jimmy :D
13:13-- -SD-peacefulfury: It's still early ;)
12:23-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Scientists find rare 99-million-year-old amber fossil of prehistoric frog. At least this is one bossie didn't get hold of :D :D :D
12:20-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Fossil
10:33-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: OH never saw that post from woody great to see you haven't forgotten us you should come back and bring reg as delton is getting very dictatorial again ha ha ha
14:59-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: think your in for a boring evening/ afternoon as I will not be on tonight ha ha ha , have our wee Lucie overnight
21:12-- -SD-Dorr: I was lookin @ Fat.Kit SS's. I did not see anything.
17:43-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Kamme we have protected tag you should be ok to join server now :D
13:16-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Working now m8
11:35-- -SD-Dorr: Tried to get into Screen Shots, But it doesn't appear to be workin.
16:54-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Its going good old bitch :D
16:09-- Woody007: hope all s well in the clan?
21:32-- -SD-THEBOGEYMAN: sorry all not playing much as been relly busy at work ,, and really tired ill try to make up for when off :)
12:21-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Players have "Screenshot Not Transferred" when they minimize Dorr but usually they should have some clear.
12:20-- -SD-Sp00nkY: well your typing is already more understandable than your speech pal :D
12:19-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: lol
10:48-- -SD-peacefulfury: lol I cannot see the screen whilst typing.
10:47-- -SD-peacefulfury: No and ow this very old laptop is failing also. Peplacement motherboardrequired on pc.Apologisenf thisn doesnt make sense I can see the screen while i type lol
15:12-- -SD-Sp00nkY: peacey, did you already get a new computer? missing you around pal :)
10:42-- -SD-Dorr: There sure appeared to be a lot of "Screenshot Not Transferred" today.
19:13-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: On old pbss viewer you click the number on left to see screenshot
12:09-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Sometimes they don't transfer to our viewer so you need to go to main link
12:07-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: «link» you can see the here
12:07-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: There is 16 screenshots «link»
11:56-- -SD-THEBOGEYMAN: Thou any old parts you dont want from it i will take off your hands :)
11:56-- -SD-THEBOGEYMAN: Oh dear what went wrong
11:53-- -SD-Sp00nkY: Noo Peace :( I told you gasoline, fire and computers dont mix :(
11:06-- -SD-peacefulfury: Hello just to let you know I killed my pc last night so may not be on for a while :_(
8:01-- -SD-THEBOGEYMAN: Had no problem with him last night thou nice bloke
8:00-- -SD-THEBOGEYMAN: Any reason why {FAT}=`=Zmora=`= says there is 16 screen shots but showing none
15:59-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Its fine m8 clear cookies :D

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