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-SD-Fun House Server 1


-SD-Fun House Server 2


Recruitment requirements

Welcome to -SD-SoulDefenders

Recruitment by invitation only
One of our members/admins must nominate you for recruitment.
You must have been playing on the server for at least 2 months regularly.
The nominee must have No history with cheats.
The nominee must have a proper working microphone.
The nominee must be registered on our website and have knowledge how to use it.

What we offer:
A growing -SD- family with its own America's Army Proving Grounds servers,located in the UK and US.
A teamspeak server for communications TS Info
A maintained and monitored website for applications, game discussions or anything you like to share.

Our main priorities are:
Have fun in game as much as we can
Have good teamplay and communications
Keeping a clean and respectful server/website for anyone

Have a lot of fun and a great gameplay



About -SD-

We are an Anti-Cheat Clan.

We don't allow ini file changes or any kind of tweaks or bug using.

We play the games as you get them we believe in fair play.

We're a great bunch of guys that have a sense of humour.

We have been gaming together since 2006.

The -SD- Clan has members from around the globe.

Come join us on our server or teamspeak and have some fun

Join Teamspeak CLICK ME

Server 1

AAPG-SD-Fun House-ACI-No M24 Sniper On Inner IP: Port:7778

Server 2

AAPG-SD-SoulDefenders Fun House-ACI- IP: Port: 7778


My Maps & Fun Videos

Bossie Choke
Bossie Choke
Ricky097 kill and choke
Ricky097 kill and choke
Look out that just missed my ear bitch
DoubleImpact created by -SD-DELTON
DoubleImpact created by -SD-DELTON
Choke only created by -SD-Delton
Choke only created by -SD-Delton

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