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13:24-- -SD-Dorr: O come on!!!! We're wasting a perfectly good Saturday Afternoon....
13:24-- -SD-muzza455: lmao dorr i just got in from work and shopping
13:20-- -SD-Dorr: Is it Time to PLAY?
11:48-- -SD-DELTON: Done 1,315 and deleted pinkburne :D
17:15-- -SD-Ricky097: :)
15:36-- -SD-DELTON: New viewer looks good ricky :|
15:28-- -SD-DELTON: Done and deleted greenburne :D
15:28-- -SD-Ricky097: Girls and Bossie
14:16-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: I punched a prone player to death ...... I am tough as old boots8)8)8)8)
15:07-- -SD-rebourne: :D
14:34-- -SD-DELTON: Done and deleted pinkburne :D
14:34-- -SD-DELTON: :D
12:16-- -SD-TeRRoRz: GJ Delly, looks good
11:02-- -SD-Dorr: I see two Colonist/Yanks on the Team Roster. How could you let that happen? Holy Moly!!!
19:55-- -SD-DELTON: I have added the country to -SD-Roster Stats & Steam still need to clean up and add more :D
18:15-- -SD-Ricky097: "new Screenshot viewer" almost done :)
15:31-- -SD-rebourne: excuses excuses :D
14:27-- -SD-DELTON: Done and deleted orangeburne :D my internet is in and out so not sure how long I can be on tonight a engineer is coming out tomorrow :_(
8:16-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: mng all catch ua later
16:18-- -SD-rebourne: done grumpy :D
16:01-- -SD-DELTON: Metal-G I have added tags to your name you will need to log out and back in -SDr-Metal-G
15:59-- -SD-Dorr: ok gUYS,,,,tIME TO START PLAYING. only 800 mOREpTS
15:56-- -SD-DELTON: Done and deleted
15:38-- -SD-rebourne: nope
15:37-- -SD-DELTON: Did you do them greenburne ?
14:01-- -SD-DELTON: Yes I have had to take off banner from left side
13:59-- -SD-rebourne: ACI is atm offline
13:49-- -SD-DELTON: I did them also redburne :D
13:42-- -SD-rebourne: done grumpy :D
13:35-- -SD-DELTON: :D
13:34-- -SD-Dorr: I'm Rdy!
13:25-- -SD-DELTON: Its here again BDX Sunday :D
16:36-- -SD-muzza455: okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!
16:23-- -SD-Dorr: I ready to PLAY!!!!
13:49-- -SD-rebourne: :D
13:30-- -SD-DELTON: Done Bitch :D

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-SD-Game Play Video
New Downtown By -SD-DELTON
New Downtown By -SD-DELTON
Double Impact by -SD-DELTON
Double Impact by -SD-DELTON
-SD-Village! By -SD-DELTON
-SD-Village! By -SD-DELTON
-SD-Village! By -SD-DELTON
Fishing Village By -SD-muzza455
Fishing Village By -SD-muzza455
-SD-Game Play Video 2
-SD-Game Play Video 2
New night time checkout by -SD-muzza455 .
New night time checkout by -SD-muzza455 .

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