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15:35-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: hey mincers
11:40-- -SD-DELTON: Girls
15:47-- -SD-Tielaxu: evening all !
15:04-- -SD-Bossie: you even made my name pink, i didnt saw that before :P
8:32-- -SD-Bossie: hahaha
16:15-- -SD-Ricky097: For Bossie «link»
16:07-- -SD-DELTON: Happy new year m8
15:36-- -SD-M.Ryan26: I wish a late Happy new year to you all :)
15:30-- -SD-M.Ryan26: Hey m8 s :)
20:41-- -SD-TeRRoRz: FOSSIL :D :D:D
12:45-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: FOSSIL...... :P
15:15-- -SD-DELTON: Hi Fossil :D
14:40-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Mmmmmmm is that silicon no a bit of a sticker .......:P:P:P:P
14:38-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: #
14:38-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: hey mincers hows tricks
13:04-- -SD-Tielaxu: welcome sili !
20:41-- -SD-DELTON: Welcome :D
19:04-- -SD-oCrouchy: Welcome Silicon :)
15:02-- -SD-DELTON: Plex :D
17:19-- -SD-Perplexer: hello good evening
16:33-- -SD-Tielaxu: no rush rebourne :)
16:32-- -SD-Tielaxu: hehe
16:31-- -SD-DELTON: Hacker :)
16:27-- -SD-rebourne: can't reach ACI website atm :(
16:14-- -SD-Tielaxu: now*
16:14-- -SD-Tielaxu: new i need rebourne to help a fellow out !
16:14-- -SD-Tielaxu: thank you !
9:11-- -SD-DELTON: Well done -SD-Tielaxu «link»
14:35-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: hope that Banshee doesn't scream a lot :-* :-*:-*
8:47-- -SD-DELTON: EL_Banshee your account is activated.
16:14-- -SD-muzza455: hmm black pbss
16:12-- -SD-DELTON: All working :D :D:D
16:01-- -SD-DELTON: New link for pbss on new server «link» there are no screenshots yes so I am going on there to see if it works :D
15:59-- -SD-DELTON: Be nice to try it on FLO with pistol only :)
14:57-- -SD-DELTON: Screenshots for new server this may change «link»
14:46-- -SD-DELTON: Our lowping server is still dead and lowping will not answer and tickets I put in.

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New night time checkout by -SD-muzza455 .
New night time checkout by -SD-muzza455 .

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