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9:08-- -SDr-THEBOGEYMAN: Can someone else have a go at changing in game name ,, it wont let me, keep getting a whoops
8:31-- -SD-DELTON: Also Bossie was crying because she loves sniper :D
8:31-- -SD-DELTON: Added FLO_InsurgentCamp_AC back to list its getting boring playing same 4 maps over and over :D Same rotation just with extra map added.
16:18-- -SD-DELTON: The nice Ryan have a good weekend m8 :D
10:17-- -SD-M.Ryan26: I wish u Guys a nice Weekend .Happy fragging :)
13:26-- -SD-DELTON: Its some of the logos we have in our banner box that causes it.
12:39-- -SD-Tielaxu: yup did that heh thats when i noticed it
12:36-- -SD-muzza455: Just click allow on this site
12:24-- -SD-Tielaxu: it was ad-blocker stopping it for some reason :D
12:22-- -SD-DELTON: Noob :D
9:09-- -SD-Tielaxu: wow can actually see server 1 and server 2 on the website now :D
14:28-- -SD-Tielaxu: haha :D
12:16-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: WOW someone actually older than me gaming ha ha ha nice to meet you my man, may even play that mingin game AAPG just to play with someone older than myself ha ha ha
10:34-- -SD-Dorr: I want as Link PLZ
8:49-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Jimmy is actually in the National History Museum as being one of the oldest living things known to man! You should check him out as it's quite a sight! :D :D:D
12:54-- -SD-DELTON: They are that old they had a Dinosaur for a pet :D
12:53-- -SD-DELTON: Omg we have 2 fossils :D :D :D
12:50-- -SD-Dorr: SO Jimmy, There was a discussion of just Who is OLDER between the two of us. I say it's me, May 1951, and You Sir?
11:19-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: i'll Billy goat Ya, ya mincer
20:10-- -SD-Dorr: SO,,,How late do we play on Fight Night!
11:24-- -SD-Dorr: I have been slowly going through the Forums, trying to catch-up and get current with anything that's happening. "Interrresting, Very Interrresting!"
9:11-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Billy no mates???
9:11-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Hahahaha
9:02-- -SD-DELTON: Its it billy goat your imaginary friend :D :D :D
8:53-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: hi ya mincers ....its Friday and im away into town Centre for a cple o coffes with my friend (yes i have a friend) Billy
15:24-- -SD-Tielaxu: <3
15:23-- -SD-Tielaxu: delly can u verify bogey's e0mail so he can apply on forums
18:13-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: :-*
15:26-- -SD-DELTON: :D
15:26-- -SD-DELTON: Hi fossil
14:15-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Afternoon ya mincers hope alls well
13:28-- -SD-Tielaxu: yea well done :D
20:03-- -SD-DELTON: Well done everyone who took part in the scrim :D
16:46-- -SD-muzza455: hahahaha
16:13-- -SD-DELTON: Sorry bad eyes I will get my glasses 8) 16.13
16:11-- -SD-DELTON: Dorr :D

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