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Help! I was told to fix my screenshots, what does mean.

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Help! I was told to fix my screenshots, what does mean. #21
Help! I was told to fix my screenshots, what does mean.

I was told to fix my screenshots, what does that mean?

It means that your game is not providing PunkBuster screenshots to the server. We have a requirement that all players must provide screenshots while playing on our server. We do not make exceptions to this rule. Even our clan members will be kicked if they do not provide screenshots.

This does NOT mean that we think you are hacking/cheating. It just means there is a problem with your Punkbuster setup.

Why are the screenshots important?

The screenshots help us monitor the players on our server so that we may catch and ban people that are using hacks during the game to gain an unfair advantage over the other players. We have a 0 tolerance policy for hacking and if someone is caught cheating, they will receive a lifetime ban from our servers.

How do I fix my screenshots?

1.Open your steam library

2.Right Click on “America’s Army: Proving Grounds” and select Properties

3.Click on the “Local Files” tab

4.Click on the button labeled “VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE”

5.A new window will appear with a progress bar. You will most likely get a message stating “X files failed to validate and will be reacquired.”. This is normal. Click the “Close” button

6.Click the “Close” button on the tabbed window.

7.Start your America’s Army game. You may get a Windows System warning about steamservice. Click accept

8.You will now be greeted with a window called “PunkBuster End User License Agreement”. Click “I Agree”.

9.PunkBuster will now run through a variety of tests and file downloads. Click the “Next” button when it’s complete.

10.More tests and if everything went well, you will get a new window stating “Tests completed successfully without error.” Click the “Ok” button.

11.Click the “Finish” button.

12.The game will now start and most likely your issues have been resolved and you can begin playing on the server again.

If the above listed steps did NOT work, you may need to perform more drastic steps which is beyond this guide to cover. The best source of information is to go directly to the makers of PunkBuster at Even Balance and follow their documentation to get PunkBuster reinstalled and setup properly.

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