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-SD- Policy on Clans harbouring Hackers

9 months 2 weeks ago
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-SD- Policy on Clans harbouring Hackers #18
Dear friends, and sometimes not so friendlies.

-SD- Has a clear policy for clans harboring cheaters. The rules are pretty simple, and have been the same since the inception of -SD-.
We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to cheating and that means whenever and wherever. For all we care you cheated in the multiplayer of the first Quake, it doesn't matter. You will get a ban if we find out.
We are of the conviction that a person that cheats in one game, will likely do so in another.
Since there is no real punishment to dole out, and new accounts and games offer new opportunities to cheaters, we will make their lives as difficult as possible. The party willingly harboring a cheater, whether in this game or another, is working against every clean and honest players and clan's interest of playing a cheat free game. We have played many games and in every game we have come across cheaters. We simple do not tolerate them on our server, and the same goes for the clan that legitimizes them by giving them a home.

Running a cheater free clan is the responsibility of the clans themselves. We know many clans who put in the utmost effort to do so. The ones who don't will not have a place to play on our server until they have resolved their integrity issues. Cheaters reflect back on the ones that give them a place to stay.That's not our responsibility but the responsibility of the clans themselves. Any serious anti cheating clan who harbors a cheater whether in AAPG or any other game does the community a huge disservice, and in our opinion does not take Anti Cheating seriously.

Therefor the whole premise of "you are being talked about" is an extortion tactic to pressure us into changing our rules and stance on all of the above. We value integrity in gaming and in general and will not be coerced into changing our policy because a clan does not want to get rid of a cheater. The fact a clan is harboring a cheater reflects bad on them, not us. Period.

So in short

- A player is found dirty. It doesn't matter which game or when. -SD- has zero tolerance when it comes to cheaters.
- Said player gets a ban.
- His/her clan gets a ban until the cheater is removed.If the cheater is removed the ban will be lifted,
- We don't allow clans harboring cheaters on our server, whether they are good friends or not. No exception!
- They have 2 options 1) remove said cheater. 2) accept the consequences and not play on our server.

If you play on our server you agree to these conditions. We pay, we play.
below are the infractions we ban players for.

Lets make it clear we only ban for..
Racist Comments
Breaking our server rules.
Insulting any of our members.
Hacking with proof screenshots or video.
If we do a BG Check and one or two of your clan members are known hackers
until you remove them from your clan your whole clan will not be allowed to use our server.
We will only remove the clan tag ban after 14 days from the day you remove the hacker.

If these rules are not clear please let us know, but again, we will not be extorted into letting people play on our server who cheat, or enable cheaters.

with regards,

-SD- Staff

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