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18-7 10:09:35 -SD-Dorr Looks like Servers are down at the time?????
17-7 12:36:48 NYPDSwat thank you for the games SD
17-7 11:50:48 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Hello Swat nice to see you here :D
17-7 11:49:18 NYPDSwat THANK YOU
17-7 11:48:40 -SD-DELTON-ACI- All working now
17-7 11:47:20 NYPDSwat HI DELTON
17-7 11:43:14 NYPDSwat HEY YOUR PBSS IS DOWN
17-7 8:09:17 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Tested and all working fine I have asked EOR for some compensation.
17-7 8:02:54 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Looks like servers are back lets hope we get our regular players back :(
16-7 19:13:24 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Thank you for your reply.
I'll pose that question to our admin team to see if it's possible to setup a new server for you.

Adam S.
16-7 19:13:12 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Please can you give us another server until you sort out what's wrong with the 2 we have.
16-7 18:50:16 -SD-Kamme dont find the server
16-7 17:35:51 -SD-DELTON-ACI- EOR Our Server Admins are working as quickly as possible to get everything back online for you.

They will have a update for you as soon as possible.

Billy C.
16-7 17:15:56 -SD-Kamme i DONT PLAY THIS GAME TONIGHT
16-7 16:48:38 Thetaxman i will check it later again.Good luck
16-7 16:47:37 Thetaxman Server is down :(
16-7 13:58:36 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Hmmmmmmmmmm
16-7 13:45:40 -SD-Kamme lots of friends but they dont play this game:-(
16-7 13:43:25 -SD-DELTON-ACI- You can join and send invites through steam to your friends if you have any hahahahaha
16-7 13:37:51 -SD-Kamme But I can allways try and shoot you Delton:-)
16-7 13:36:44 -SD-Kamme That sucks
16-7 13:36:30 -SD-Kamme OK
16-7 13:36:15 -SD-DELTON-ACI- We are able to join the servers using IP but other players will not know that
16-7 12:47:13 -SD-Kamme 18-12
16-7 12:18:56 -SD-Kamme 12-4 ON BRIDGE SO FAR:-)
16-7 12:02:46 -SD-Dorr Morning
16-7 11:56:54 -SD-Kamme Morning all! Still hot outside and inside
16-7 11:29:43 -SD-peacefulfury Well congratulations on that :)
16-7 11:22:12 -SD-oCrouchy My internet issues have finally been resolved woohoo :D
16-7 10:41:05 -SD-Dorr As of 11:30am, GMT. Servers still down.
16-7 8:07:14 -SD-DELTON-ACI- No still not working
16-7 8:06:25 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Alfie L


Sorry for the delay, there was a network outage today due to a service upgrade too all of our nodes.
Please check if you can join and everything works fine.

Technical Support / ARMA 3 Specialist
End of Reality LLC
15-7 20:03:24 -SD-Kamme -SD-Kamme
15-7 20:03:02 -SD-Kamme Highlander is it possible to change my nickname in ts so I Dont need to change it all the time to -SD-Kamm From -SDr-Kamme
15-7 16:09:24 -SD-Kamme i AM OF FOR DINNER
15-7 16:03:41 -SD-THEBOGEYMAN To hot for anything
15-7 15:13:52 -SD-Kamme JOIN TS
15-7 15:12:51 -SD-Sp00nkY please not the frenchies :)
15-7 15:12:45 -SD-Sp00nkY righty o :D
15-7 14:00:22 -SD-Kamme dORR TEAM SPEAK
15-7 13:56:54 -SD-Dorr Play What?
15-7 13:48:10 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Both servers are down I have put a ticket in and they are working on the problem.
15-7 13:14:44 -SD-Kamme what server are you on?
15-7 13:14:28 -SD-Kamme DORR WHERE DO YOU PLAY?
15-7 12:56:17 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Checked them all m8 [=H4F=]-=Greyfox was just tracer fire. The Magnifier is still being worked on its big to start but for some reason it goes small.
15-7 12:46:08 -SD-Dorr I noticed that my "Magnifier" is much smaller than usual. It would be nice if we could get a larger version back. In reviewing the SS's, I see that "Ball3rm@nn77" Had no Screen shots. (FYI Only). "[=H4F=]-=Greyfox=-" has a weird looking SS, a red glow over a body, worth a peek. Wasn't "MURDER^General" on for quite a while? Has only one SS. "Nohax" SS's are very Large, just seems odd. Other than what is listed, all appears normal as of 07/15/18, 2PM GMT.
15-7 12:36:40 -SD-Kamme let me know on ts, I am in there
15-7 12:36:11 -SD-Kamme any1 awake?
15-7 12:32:17 -SD-Kamme any1 up for a game?
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