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-SD-Clan Code of Conduct (CCC)


The Clan Code of Conduct (CCC) is a detailed document of all rules and regulations that all -SD- Members must follow. Violation of any of these rules and regulations may result in being removed from the clan and banned from all Game Servers, TeamSpeak Servers, and Website(s). Please read the Clan Code of Conduct carefully.
-SD-Members Code of Conduct:

1) NO CHEATING/HACKING/CHANGING INI FILE – This is a zero tolerance policy, any cheating or hacking or ini file changing of any kind will result in immediate removal from the clan, banned from all website(s) and servers, as well as reported to all Anti-Cheat Organizations to have your account banned from the game all together.

2) All members must be active within the clan. We understand that ‘real life’ comes first and you cannot be online all the time. This is not a problem as the founders/admins don't live online either. Even if you cannot get online to play, try to check the website/forums when you can to get the latest updates from the clan and add your input when discussions are open. If you expect to be out of town or unavailable to play for an extended period of time (more than a week) we simply ask that you let the clan know in the forums. This will help us identify players who have stopped playing the game. Having a member that does not play anymore on the clan roster can reflect poorly to new members.

3) All members must have a working microphone to communicate in-game and on TeamSpeak. Additionally please log into the TeamSpeak server when you are online. Your application will be denied or left on pending until you have a working microphone. If you are already a clan member and your microphone breaks or stops working, you will not be removed from the clan. Though, we will ask that you get a replacement microphone as soon as possible. Again we understand ‘real life’ comes before the game and finances may not always be there. If that is ever the case, let the clan know. We are able to fund the day to day running of the clan by donations and regular payments from founders/admins. Clan funds are never for personal gain, clan funds are there for the clan to pay for servers/teamspeak/website.

4) All members must carry the -SD- Honorably. When in-game, whether on our servers or not, you must hold a level head on the open channels. We do understand getting mad and telling someone they are “noob” for making a “noob” mistake. We do not allow any racial, religious, mental handicap, or other inappropriate slurs and insults. If for some reason you get too angry on open channels or overly offend someone, please apologize to give -SD- the best representation and reputation you can. The same applies for any websites and/or forums.

5) All members are expected to have a certain level of maturity. If you need further explanation of that, this clan probably isn’t for you. We are here to have fun, play games, and enjoy the gaming experience as a clan; but, just remember there is a limit at times. While in the our private TeamSpeak server, common sense rules what is acceptable; though, in public TeamSpeak/In-Game VOIP we expect you to be mature and represent -SD- in a way that leaves an honorable reputation to our clan.

6) All members must properly carry the -SD- tags on their in-game accounts and steam, at all time. Removal of the tags is considered voluntary termination of -SD- membership. The proper way to put the tags on your in-game name is as follows “ -SD-YOURNAME “.

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